Scrubbing your body with Boie

We’ve created a new way to lather up. Our BPA and latex-free Body Scrubber gently exfoliates as it cleanses. It’s antimicrobial and durable too so it stays cleaner and lasts longer than washcloths and loofahs. See below for more info on how to get clean with Boie.


Add body wash

Add your favorite body wash directly to the Body Scrubber to get started.

Holding your body scrubber

The Body Scrubber has three holes for your fingers. Some people like to use their index finger, pinkie, and thumb but you should do whatever feels right.

If you’ve got hands on the bigger side, you may only need to use two fingers.

Or, simply ignore the holes and hold it between your thumb and other fingers.

Using your body scrubbe

Now it’s time to get clean. Use circular motions to spread the suds around as you wash.

How slow or fast you scrub is down to you. You’re the master of your own scrubbing technique.

Don’t forget your legs and feet!

Storing your body scrubber

The Boie USA Body Scrubber has been designed to stick to your shower wall. Just rinse it off and slap it on there so it’ll be clean and dry for next time.

You can also hang it on a wall-mounted hook if you’d prefer.