Washing your face with Boie

We’ve created a new way to wash your face. The Boie USA Face Scrubber is made from a recyclable and BPA- free material with soft, flexible bristles that gently cleanse and exfoliate. It’s durable and anti-microbial too so you’ll be safe from the germs found on loofahs and washcloths. Learn more about the Face Scrubber below!


Add facial cleanser

Add your favorite facial cleanser to the Face Scrubber or directly onto your face. We recommend using cleanser specifically designed for the face as this skin is more delicate and body soaps may contain harsh surfactants.

Holding you face scrubber

On the back of the Face Scrubber you’ll find a loop for your finger that makes it easy to hold and maneuver. We recommend using your index or middle finger, but do whatever feels comfortable!

Using your face scrubbe

You’re on your way to smooth, clean skin! Simply scrub in circular motions until you’ve cleansed each area of your face.

Storing your face scrubber

Keep your Face Scrubber dry while you’re not using it. Use the loop on the back to hang on a hook if available. If not, place it bristles-up on a flat surface away from water.