Brushing your teeth with Boie

Toothbrushes have been basically the same for almost 80 years, made with abrasive nylon bristles that aren’t very durable. The Boie USA Toothbrush is different. We’ve engineered our brushes with super-soft BPA-free thermoplastic that’s gentler on teeth and gums and lasts twice as long as its nylon counterparts.



Flossing is fundamental for healthy teeth and gums. It gets rid of plaque and debris in areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.

Toothpaste + toothbrush

Add your toothpaste directly to the bristles of the Boie USA Toothbrush, just as you would with a traditional brush.

Brushing well

Everyone has their own way of brushing, but 2-3 minutes is the length of time recommended by dentists. They also suggest using circular motions as well as up and down to cover more area inside your mouth.

Using mouthwash

Finish off your routine with a swish of mouthwash, which can battle plaque that may be in hiding.

Cleaning the brush head

It’s important to keep your brush clean throughout its extended lifecycle. The Boie USA Toothbrush has a flexible, replaceable brush head that makes cleaning easy. Bending the brush head backwards exposes the bristles and allows water to flow through.